May 2020 Newsletter

The secret of happiness is within us

Each human being has one goal … to be fulfilled, and life aspires to fulfillment.
Finding a meaning in your life, finding your Way of Life and appropriating it to realize yourself as a Being … this is a great challenge.

Everything is well hidden… and yet so visible sometimes!

Earth life is expressed in each of us, from our first day, in the womb of our mother, to allow our vital potential to express itself.
But this potential will remain hidden until it is discovered, like a treasure.
As our adventure progresses, he will wake up. It is up to us to wake up to his presence.

Life is a miracle that we create with each step.
Life is a Path of discovery which allows us to become aware of our Being as a whole.

Strength and light will always be present on the way.
Everyone should not be blinded by “false friends”. Those who manipulate the truth and do not see the real (appearances are sometimes misleading).

However, to have an objective reflection, it is necessary to leave fear, without pride, without blaming the others or the system. Recognize the truth beyond egos and fears.

Life is made of experiences. Some will see obstacles, tests or challenges.
Others will see these “grains of sand” as a benevolent gesture of life to transform all trials into strength.
This attitude allows you to rise above fear, with love and light.

There is only one energy in the universe. The one that animates everything, all life.
She is the Source. Everything starts from it.
We are connected to this source of energy. Source which has its own intelligence.
In many ancestral traditions, this source is mentioned as the Great Sun, or even as the Central Sun. Its vibration is of the highest frequencies since it allows to give life!

You don’t find meaning in your life, you create it.

Energy is information. That is to say, it conveys information among information. Depending on the information conveyed and transmitted, the vibration, or the frequency, will be higher or lower.

Each emotion is a frequency.
The frequency of fear is used from the shadows to take control of human life.
To reach us, they need to hold on to our dark sides, to our fears, to our doubts.
I like to remind you that at the origin, we are good, kind and powerful beings. Because we have the strength of the heart.
By becoming aware of this force which is in us, we can transform all situations to our advantage, into force. All it takes is a change of attitude: welcoming our areas for improvement as attitudes to be transformed.

Take advantage of every opportunity that life offers to bring you closer to your Essence, your Heart, your powerful interior. She is there … very close. Give yourself time to listen to yourself, to observe yourself beyond appearances, beyond beliefs. Dare to love, dare to love yourself.
To love is to give (to oneself and to others) the opportunity to know the intentions and to really discover the situation. It is to thank any opportunity, any experience.

While we are part of an infinite universe, our human consciousness only gives us access to a part of this universe.

The vision we have of earthly life is a limited vision of what is happening on this planet. And the universe in which we live is a tiny part of cosmic reality.

Each universe works with the same intention of evolution and reproduces with the same energy. So what some people sometimes think is the end is just the start of a new universe. When we talk about infinity, we are talking about a universe that multiplies.

When we understand that we are an energy before being a body, we understand that thought is generating energy that propels us from one place to another. Energy, which like a magnet, attracts another energy to it, since we are all interconnected.

So by using the power of thought with the inner strength that characterizes humans, we have an extraordinary tool allowing us to work towards the realization of all our wishes.

It is still necessary to direct the energy of our thoughts towards high frequencies. That is to say, towards an energy that animates hearts of love and joy.
Kindness, respect and wisdom are all frequencies flowing in the universal energy. They are just information among information, just like fear.

The essence of our life is evolution.

Many people are looking for their life mission. And among them, many are afraid of being wrong.
Remember to work more on your dark areas to evolve in the Consciousness, from the heart because transmutation is always possible.

In the universe everything is information. So matter is just densified information. Material reality is therefore a reflection of the information transmitted.

Since the universe is made up of a single high frequency energy, everything becomes possible.

Each event therefore exists for our evolution.The choices we make next are the result of our perception of reality.

Because it is our perception of reality (our openness of consciousness, our degree of knowledge) that selects the opportunities that we decide to follow.

Depending on our consciousness, we choose what we will develop by giving it energy (through our thoughts). Under our energetic impulse, this opportunity will intensify and then our consciousness will interpret it as being reality.

Limited by our beliefs, injuries, education, experiences, … we transform the information received.

It therefore becomes important to connect to your heart in order to eliminate all fears, to establish positive vision and thus work on thoughts. The more you are in harmony with your heart, therefore connected to love, the more you create a high frequency energy dynamic and the more you are in abundance.

In summary, depending on the choices we make, we can influence our lives, our thoughts, our attitudes. We all have extraordinary power in our hands.

One of the visible consequences of our vibratory increase (and therefore of our change of consciousness) is the development of synchronicities, in connection with the development of our mental power.

For example you think of someone and he calls you or you cross him on the street … by chance!

The more we become aware of this powerful interior (associated with the power of love of course), the more we raise our consciousness and the more we have a positive influence on (we in priority) our close environment (family, spouse, children) and environment more distant (neighbors, friends, acquaintances, …) not to mention the repercussions on the planet (on which we walk) and in the universe (in which we evolve).

In addition by developing our inner consciousness, by acting on the control of our own thoughts, by going beyond our limits, our paradigms, we allow ourselves to hear more clearly the small voices of our friends at high frequencies (light for some ).

Remember that all change begins with acceptance. So accept to be as you are, observe yourself, and change what you want to change. The most important thing is who you want to become.

Remember that we are energy above all. We are producers, catalysts, transmitters, transmitters of energy. Your intention to use this energy is paramount. Focus on your own change, energy will do the rest. Because like a magnet it will attract to it what is good for it.

Just realize that you are an energy that feeds on energy.
And the energy that feeds the energy will determine the strength of the being it will inhabit.
It will also determine his emotional potential, his psychic, his ease or difficulty of taking action, will define his mind, his ego.
Just as many small details that seem so insignificant yet so subtle that we are not careful. They fall into the unconscious, into oblivion.

Wake up, regain your energy.
In other words, open your eyes, become aware of what you are, become aware of your limits and work for your expansion.